BeAM: Revolutionizing the 3D Printing Technology

BeAM: Revolutionizing the 3D Printing Technology

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Vincent Gillet, CEO, BeAMVincent Gillet, CEO
Bigger dreams in additive manufacturing need larger modes of production. But the cost associated for printing in large formats kept firms to refrain themselves from pursuing the technology and depend on the traditional ways of additive manufacturing. The traditional manufacturing produces less quality product, taking more amount of time. As the size of objects to be printed matters heavily in terms of the cost associated for printing, finding an affordable large scale 3D printer which caters to complex needs of the industry was a long shot till recent times. The industry’s long term demand for 3D printing in large format has finally become a reality by the introduction of cost-effective large format 3D printers developed by 3D platform.

3D platform is a company that succumbs to the demands in the domain of additive manufacturing with their market solutions. The firm is based in Roscoe, Illinois, USA. The company developed its large scale 3D printing products in the light of the demands from the market. It upgrades and adapts to better technologies to bring quality solutions. 3D Platform mainly focuses on four major needs that arise in the industry, that is ‘Scalability and Increased Throughput’, ‘Open Market Enabled Solutions’, ‘Affordability of Equipment and Materials’ and ‘Robust Industrial Technology’.

3D platform consists of skilled mechatronics engineers who are passionate about new technologies to innovate, design and create the next generation equipment for rapid prototyping. The company was able to build large-format, open market 3D printers than any other company in the world.

The technologies employed by the firm enable better efficient use of the resources to come up with the maximum of the result.

Our Entire team is committed to your (customer’s) success

The company allows you to have a golden touch in the commercial industrial sector due to its additive manufacturing with 16 times faster than competitor’s extruders. Its Modular design can take in filament sizes varying from 1.75mm to 6mm and nozzles sizes from 0.2mm to 5mm. 3D Printer’s 400 Series Workbench Xtreme machine is one of the most solid products offered by the company. The product is cost-effective and customizable with full-scale printing capability. The unique parametric design has been built for the unique needs of the industry. It has a print volume of 1000 mm × 500 mm (0.5 m³, 1×), which is the best in the industry.”The Workbench is great and meets the needs of customers at a certain level; however, customer feedback is what led to going larger – they wanted a printer that was faster and could produce larger prints at a more affordable price,” says Jonathan Schroeder, President 3D Platform. ‘Pro Electronics 3D Printer Rebuild Program’ introduced by the company was well received in the domain of 3D printing. It protects large format 3D printing investments. With an easy to use workbench touch screen controller, Wi-Fi access and advanced cooling system, the product can refurbish 3D printers for improved performance.

The factory 4.0 is the future of manufacturing. 3D platform corner the market by their robust products that allows 3D printing on a large scale. The company has clients all over the globe, and it is the most trusted 3D printing technology manufacturer in the industry. Their quality customer service and dedicated team of young and experienced has earned reputation and trust among its clients. “Our Entire team is committed to your (customer’s) success,” adds Mr. Schroeder. With the changing market strategies, the need to keep upgrading of technology is the need of the hour. Hence, the people at 3D platform are prepared and are working to stay ahead of the curve to offer products that would grow their market and also accelerate their efficiency.