Denver 3D Print Company : Product Design and Product Launcher

Denver 3D Print Company : Product Design and Product Launcher

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Adam Zimmer,Owner, Denver 3D Print CompanyAdam Zimmer,Owner
In the words of Albert Einstein, “Imagination is more important than knowledge.” Denver 3D Print Company (D3PC), an invention lab and prototyping store in sunny Colorado, couldn’t agree more. “We all have our insights into what problems need to be solved but not everyone knows how to solve them. That is where we come in. Our mission is invention but we also love just making things for people,” says Adam Zimmer, owner and founder of D3PC.

D3PC isn’t your traditional product design company. They do everything from turning ideas into patented products to commissioned sculptures, and 3D printing is the keystone to their process. “Without 3D printing, we wouldn’t exist,” mentions Zimmer. “Digital design and manufacturing allows us to do ten iterations and have production parts in a few days.” D3PC utilizes 3D scanning, many types of software, SLA and FDM printing for novel molding techniques, CNC machining to bring objects to life. The services they provide include 3D scanning and modeling, prototyping, low rate manufacturing, and intellectual property, and they have helped to manufacture and monetize a wide variety of products.

One of D3PC’s specialties is improving designs for the market using a holistic approach. “If you are designing a product you want to sell, there are a lot of considerations about how customers will use it, how it will be produced, and how intellectual property will be protected.

I have a real love of art, science, and helping people. That is where this all comes from. I think a lot of makers feel that way

Thinking about the entire process and working directly with inventors allows us to avoid issues early and, from some quotes I have seen, develop products ten times faster and cheaper than other firms providing the same package of services. I think this speaks to what kind of value we bring to our customers,” informs Zimmer.

Community is very important to D3PC. “I have a real love of art, science, and helping people. That is where this all comes from. I think a lot of makers feel that way,” adds Zimmer. “Inventing tools and solving problems is what I naturally do, and I feel really fortunate being able to live my life doing that for other people.” D3PC has worked on a wide variety of projects in the past few years. They have helped all types of people make everything from blow dryer handles to headlights to anatomical models for phlebotomists.

D3PC plans to take it a step further by building the infrastructure necessary to launch those products into the market. “We found a way to tap into the knowledge of the people, and we have been developing some really great ideas for big problems like food security, recycling, and new types of materials. Now we are putting together a strategy to take those ideas and launch them as products on the market,” says Zimmer. Currently, D3PC has half a dozen products in development for their initial launch expected later this year

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Denver 3D Print Company

Denver, CO

Adam Zimmer,Owner

D3PC provides a wide range of services to turn ideas into objects. We help individuals and businesses realize their dreams with physical products and intellectual property. With over five years of 3D printing experience under its belt, D3PC quickly and economically delivers parts to the clients. The company prides itself on customer service and goes to great lengths to provide the best solution possible, regardless of the size of the job. Generally, its prints are ready for next day pickup.