3DChimera: Spearheading Innovation in 3D Printing

3DChimera: Spearheading Innovation in 3D Printing

Alex Hussain, Co-Founder & CEO, 3DChimeraAlex Hussain, Co-Founder & CEO
The 3D printing industry has been pushing the limits of innovation and human imagination with an ever-growing availability of new printing materials and improved printing processes. However, because of the continuous transformation of the industry, organizations are finding difficulty in adapting to the changing landscape. Challenges such as a lack of in-house expertise and 3D printing technology limitations are plaguing the manufacturing stakeholders. Miami-based 3DChimera addresses the core challenges in the industry by providing the latest equipment and offering their 18 years of expertise in the 3D printing industry to help organizations leverage the full potential of 3D printing. “3DChimera connects the dots between producers of materials, 3D printer manufacturers, and their real-world applications to effectively deliver solutions based on customer needs,” says Alex Hussain, Co-Founder and CEO at 3DChimera.

3DChimera assists its clients in unleashing their 3D printing potential through a consultative engagement strategy, technical and passionate talent, and comprehensive training services. With innovation and problem-solving skills in its DNA, the company takes a consultative approach during client engagement and understands the client-specific problem and their objectives. It then offers the client an efficient solution for their unique need, which could be an innovative 3D printing technology, a new material, or a unique blend of the two.

Following the successful implementation of their offerings, 3DChimera schedules training sessions for the client’s engineering teams to help them make the most of the 3D printing solution. Through the training, client’s teams gain expert-level knowledge on operating 3D printers that would help them focus on new applications for materials, and optimize the print parameters of the 3D printers offered by the company.

3DChimera has built relationships with big players in the 3D printing materials manufacturing market to improve their offerings and deliver unique applications.

3DChimera connects the dots between producers of materials, 3D printer manufacturers, and their real-world applications to effectively deliver solutions based on customer needs

These relationships enable the company to gain access to materials before they hit the market, allowing them to innovate further by putting these materials to the test through different processes. Recently, 3DChimera’s partnership with DuPont—a manufacturer of high-performance 3D printing materials— allowed the company to test DuPont’s latest glass fiber and carbon fiber reinforced nylon materials in real-world scenarios to gain an understanding of its applications in various industries.

Partner or customer, 3DChimera’s team of talented and passionate individuals, hailing from a broad range of backgrounds, ages, and levels of expertise, brings high energy and knowledge to turn every project into a success story. “We try to find a balance between running the business and exploring our passion in 3D printing,” explains Hussain. Highlighting the impact of 3DChimera’s passion is their engagement with National Geographic’s show, Dr. K’s Exotic Animal ER, where Dr. K needed specialized help to repair a tortoise shell that sustained significant damage from a motor vehicle impact during Hurricane Irma in 2017. 3DChimera scanned the tortoise’s shell, developed mechanical and functional parts, optimized 3D printing material, printed the organic geometry, and tested its durability in real-world scenarios before putting the shell cover on the tortoise and resolving the challenge.

Hussain expects growth in 3DChimera’s reselling network as new and innovative 3D printing materials continue to drive the company to devise real-world applications for 3D printing. The company is the master distributor for leading 3D printer manufacturers, German RepRap and Sintratec and resells their products by leveraging 3DChimera’s established distribution network across the U.S. “We are excited about the extension of the sales side of the business, but we will always develop innovative new accessories and techniques in 3D printing to bundle with our current offerings,” concludes Hussain.