CAD BLU: The Powerhouse of 3D Printing

CAD BLU: The Powerhouse of 3D Printing

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Richard Motto, CEO, CAD BLURichard Motto, CEO
3D printing is defying conventions by manufacturing usable goods straight out of the printer. The advantages of fast design coupled with high levels of accuracy, make 3D printing the most viable prospect for businesses. In a world where customization is at the forefront of everyone’s minds, CAD BLU’s 3D printing solutions facilitate just that. “Not throwing equipment as a solution but finding the right solution for the type of printing a company wants to do, is what we live by,” says Richard Motto, CEO of CAD BLU—one of the most recognized 3D printing companies that has been at the lead of the best in class 3D printing solutions since 2000. Amidst manifold categories of 3D printing technology, stereolithography printers are among CAD BLU’s bestselling range with outstanding application support, materials, and acceptable per-part costs compared to other printers. Their selective laser sintering printers, with a suite of materials including glass-filled nylon, are a good fit for production parts that demand a higher resolution. The next category, MultiJet Printing (MJP) has significant market coverage because of its user-friendliness and benefits such as clean down-facing surfaces and higher resolution.

“Setting the expectations at the right level and exceeding them is the most important rule in our book,” says Motto. CAD BLU has recently introduced a photorealistic MJP color printer that allows customers to do without the whole post-processing of surface and color finishing. Having the product right out of the machine makes it profitable for customers and suitable for markets like medical modeling that are split between price point and quality. CAD BLU offers both traditional and continuous digital light processing (DLP) printers, a Carbon 3D type of product that applies non-adhesion between adjacent print layers to avoid pulling off a membrane every time, unlike traditional DLPs. Their continuous DLP has an oxygen permeable membrane that gives speed and accuracy within a certain build envelope, which is optimal for the dental industry.

Setting the expectations at the right level and exceeding them is the most important rule in our book

With plans to add fused deposition modeling (FDM) printers to their offerings, CAD BLU is evaluating different FDM machines.

As one of the largest resellers of equipment, material, and services for the 3D printing industry in the U.S., CAD BLU has in-house application engineers to support the products in their focused segments, with a good service structure to keep machines running. “We are a razor blade business from the standpoint that a machine is sold once every five to seven years but materials are required every month,” says Motto.

In a customer instance a few years back, a large medical company was struggling with certain technologies related to their foundry while performing custom implants. They reached out to CAD BLU, who agreed to buy a machine and install it in their New York office to help the client clear their 510(K) approval for FDA. After getting FDA approval, CAD BLU handed the machine over to the client’s foundry and today there are fifteen of them, producing millions of dollars’ worth of material.

Although spread across different industries, CAD BLU focuses primarily on the jewelry, dental, and foundry industries, which altogether comprise about 60 percent of their business. The rest 40 percent caters to shoe manufacturers, aerospace, and medical devices, with customers like NASA, Los Alamos National Lab, and Nike, to name a few.

With the goal of a full expansion in sight, CAD BLU has now made 80 percent headway in being a national sales and service organization for 3D printing. Apart from running six offices around the country, the company is focused on covering three more territories while on the lookout for new types of products and different technologies to provide additional opportunities for their customers. ‘More products, more services, more territory’ is what the company is aiming at.