JawsTec: Quality 3D Printing to Bank on

JawsTec: Quality 3D Printing to Bank on

Oscar Klassen, CEO, JawsTecOscar Klassen, CEO
Fundamentally transforming the nature of manufacturing, 3D printing has grown outside the hobbyist’s workshops as big brands start to take the technology beyond prototyping and R&D labs. However, while a majority of the 3D printing service providers are focused on turnaround time and achieving quick goals, they overlook one of the most significant selling points in the post-processing of the parts designed and printed: the quality. As a yardstick of quality, JawsTec is committed to maintaining strict quality assurance to ensure that every part they design and produce is perfectly aligned with the customer needs and the industry-leading standards. “Anyone can buy a 3D printer and start printing, but the final quality that readily fits the needs of the customers is most often compromised. At JawsTec, we test the limits of 3D printing post-processing to deliver the finest quality 3D printed products,” says Oscar Klassen, CEO at JawsTec.

At JawsTec, the team ensures that the parts delivered to a customer pass through natural cooling, sandblasting as well as aftermarket post processing and dyeing to carefully meet the customer requirements. “All the parts we print undergo a strict setup of quality examinations to ensure the best possible quality of the product,” adds Klassen. Owing to their precision and the promise to pay thorough attention to detail, every time, the company claims to have zero product returns. Not sacrificing quality for speed, JawsTec also provides the pictures of the finished parts to guarantee a complete understanding of the finished product, avoiding any surprises. The company also has an in-house machine shop, initiated to handle both metal and plastic CNC work.

JawsTec’s printing services are powered by the HP MJF 4200 and EOS P396 3D printers; both working based on PA 12 Nylon materials.

We test the limits of 3D printing post-processing to deliver the finest quality 3D printed products

“We are an HP recognized provider and can produce the best quality parts that HP can be proud of,” adds Klassen. Furthermore, the company’s ability to offer an instant quote based on the customer’s CAD design makes them one of the most unique providers in the industry that can create the 3D design and ship a prototype of the part to the clients in a matter of days.

With an array of customers, JawsTec today has proven expertise in 3D printing as well as design services that can take an individual’s vision to reality with 3D printing, enabling a customer to quickly have their designs in their hands like never before. In an instance, JawsTec assisted a customer that shifted from a large provider to JawsTec as the previous company couldn’t meet the deadlines. JawsTec’s team was able to provide efficient and better quality services while meeting the timelines. “We even set up a resolve program for the customers wanting to take a break from traditional providers and enjoy the benefits of JawsTec’s finest quality and on-time 3D printing,” adds Klassen. “We also ensure to maintain an individual relationship with each customer because the happier the customer is, the more likely they are to return.”

With a focus on offering the best 3D printing service, the team collects information about different printing and processing techniques adopted by various service providers in the market and combines and processes it to create a refined system. In the long run, JawsTec is looking forward to increasing the number of materials that they are working within 3D printing. There is a rising trend for the need for high-quality 3D printed parts instead of the ones printed on typical FDM and desktop printers. “Our goal for the coming year is to grow exponentially and build stronger partnerships. We are also hoping to add post-processing adjustments and enhance the quality checks,” Klassen concludes.