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Chris Jackson, Founder & President, TerrafilumChris Jackson, Founder & President
Terrafilum™ has positioned itself at a unique intersection of manufacturing, technology, and sustainability. How?

Chris Jackson has spent a lifetime facing and overcoming unique personal and engineering challenges. In stating the vision for his company, Chris cited an IDC 2018 study and the common frustrations that manufacturers face when it comes to leveraging 3D printing technologies. High operating and material costs with low-quality parts are the overriding criticisms of 3D Filament materials. In addition, the lack of sustainability in the space leads to high material waste. Terrafilum™ is attacking the problem by focusing on sustainability solutions that improve both the effectiveness and efficiency of 3D Filament materials to improve the bottom line for additive manufacturing.

Terrafilum™ specializes in engineered 3D printer filaments, suited for all forms of industrial applications ranging from prototyping to parts manufacturing for custom products. Chris Jackson, President of Terrafilum™, states, “We address 3D printing’s sustainability issue by making filaments that are made of eco-friendly, reprocessed, and recyclable materials. Our products are formulated with standard3D Printing materials (PLA, ABS, PP), various thermoplastic elastomers and polyamides (TPU, TPE, PA12), and different higher temperature engineered thermoplastics (Nylon, PC, PEI, PET).In addition, we developed pre-blended formulas that can be used for the design of unique, application specific manufacturing,” As a solutions provider, they have the ability to customize material and color formulations for different applications. They do so to suit different manufacturing strata, which Terrafilum™ has graded as:

TroposFilum™ offers materials for strength and printability that will be flexible for a wide range of applications, be earth friendly and be workable in most printing environments. Formulations are manufactured using industrial resins and reprocessed/recycled materials.

StratosFilum™ introduces the greenline materials that are constructed from biodegradable and reprocessed resins. In addition, professional grade PLA and elastomers are used in formulations for the more sophisticated parts and prototypes. These products utilize earth-friendly resins and other materials to meet more specific material temperature and strength requirements.

MesosFilum™ begins the engineering line of materials for custom product manufacturers that produce industrial parts or unique products, injection molders that want to prototype new mold designs, and design engineers that are looking for their proto-type parts to be functional. These products utilize engineered resins and other materials to meet practical applications. The Greenline Blend is a pure eco-friendly material that offers better flow and improved strength versus base PLA materials.

And ExosFilum™, for custom, chemically engineered solutions with demanding applications.

Terrafilum targets 3D printing’s efficacy issues by focusing on sustainability and by making filaments that are made of eco-friendly and reprocessed material that is designed for unique, application specific manufacturing

The materials are designed with custom product manufacturers, injection molders, and design engineers in mind who are looking for fully functional, end-use parts. These materials require higher temperatures but provide superior impact and chemical resistance.

The decision to develop this precision solution range came about as a personal endeavour. Founder and president, Chris Jackson, with a staggering 24+ years of polymer experience serving GE, is a true material engineering expert. His idea for Terrafilum™ was born out of his passion for golfing–one that overcame all odds, including his physical disability. Chris was born with a physical disability that affected tasks utilizing the forearm and hands. But while the outward appearance may present limitations, Chris Jackson is anything but limited. Jackson found that using standard clubs left abrasions on his arm while playing and that he required a new grip design. He began working with a major golf supplier to have one custom built by augmenting manufacturing with 3D printing material tech to help Jackson rapidly prototype a real solution to address the challenge.“I was able to come up with different designs and different polymer formulations that allowed me to get the strength from the material, the chemical resistance, and the coatings I needed to suit any need.” He then realized that if he can coordinate this for himself to help overcome that one challenge, then he could apply that same material knowledge and ability to overcome others’ manufacturing endeavours using a similar approach. Terrafilum™ was thus born, to provide filaments in the 3D printing space, and become a solutions provider to replicate the same process that Jackson used for himself across various projects for different people and enterprises.

As a Six Sigma Master Blackbelt and LEAN expert, Chris founded the company to use lean principles.Terrafilum™ partners with manufacturers to custom engineer complete solutions — striving for zero percent waste—bringing value to their companies with material quality to produce smooth printing operations. Terrafilum™ currently operates a sustainability program, where waste materials and spools are brought back, to the company for reprocessing and reformulation; creating a sustainability benefit for companies to dovetail into their culture. For example, Terrafilum™ is currently working with a customer producing large custom spools and recycling materials from the operation. The cyclical process is reaching the client sustainability goals and providing Just-In-Time Ordering so that overall costs are reduced.

Pushing past sustainability, Terrafilum™ is also developing has an inventory management program that would offer partnered manufacturing of filament solutions with companies that utilize3D printing, so that they can efficiently manage material ordering and improve the effectiveness and efficiency of their 3D printing manufacturing needs for today and beyond.

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FREMONT, CA: “We address 3D printing’s sustainability issue by making filaments that are made of eco-friendly, reprocessed, and recyclable materials,” states Chris Jackson, President of Terrafilum, while addressing the issues that manufacturers face today when it comes to leveraging 3D printing technologies. Read More