Top 10 3D Printing Solution Providers - 2019
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Top 10 3D Printing Solution Providers - 2019

Over the last few years, there has been a substantial maturing of the 3D printing—also known as additive manufacturing—market, followed by an increased perception of 3D printing as a viable manufacturing method. Today, industrial 3D printing has reached its tipping point and is expected to go mainstream in a way that will revolutionize the manufacturing industry as well as the economy. The technology is considered as an integral part of the Manufacturing 4.0— the nexus of technology in the modern manufacturing space.

As a massive cost cutter and technology that speeds up the product development process, Additive manufacturing has emerged steadily as a mainstay for rapid prototyping. The strengths of the technology lie in those areas where conventional manufacturing reaches its limitations. Additive Manufacturing allows for highly complex structures that can be extremely light and stable. It provides a high degree of design freedom and product customization even in serial production as well as the optimization and integration of functional features. Today, the technology is moving beyond just prototyping into the first-run production, allowing for true market testing and rapid design iteration. For example, today, Ford is using 3D-printing to mass produce low-volume parts for its cars. In addition, 3D printing is also being used to create several iterations of various designs to test and gather feedback on, allowing companies to determine the best model. Smaller companies are expected to reap great benefit from this technology, introducing new, innovative products without huge inventory expense.

With escalating applications of the additive manufacturing technology, eventual blurring of the line between prototype and product is not a far-fetched idea. The millennials are hungry for customizable goods, and 3D printing is filling those boots.

In the light of this, to help companies chose the best 3D printing technology solution provider out there; Manufacturing Technology Insights brings forth a competitive list of “Top 10 3D Printing Solution Providers - 2019”. The edition features leading companies that are delivering cutting-edge technology solutions aimed at assisting businesses in the manufacturing sector to realize the immense potential of 3D printing in optimizing their business processes.

    Top 3D Printing Solution Providers

  • Manufacturer of industrial strength large format 3D printing products

  • Renders comprehensive 3D products and services, including 3D printers, print materials, on-demand manufacturing services, and digital design tools

  • 3YOURMIND provides software assisted digital solutions 3D Printing technology, by standardising and optimising AM workflows

  • An engineering services and software company that provides innovative physics-based simulation technologies for additive manufacturing, structural modeling, and analysis of advanced composite structures

  • Manufacturer of Direct Energy Disposition (DED) additive solutions that provides automated 3D Printing

  • Develops and provides 3D printer users the highest-quality, eco-friendly filament solutions on the market for all of their printing needs

  • Desktop Metal

    Desktop Metal

    Rooted in R&D, it reinvents the way manufacturers and engineers produce metal parts - from prototyping through mass production

  • ExOne


    Provides 3D printed systems and services employing binder jetting technology and industrial-grade materials for manufacturers in different industry sectors

  • Nano Dimension

    Nano Dimension

    A noted additive manufacturing company which enables cogently accelerated development cycles, and get products to market instantly

  • Optomec


    An Additive manufacturing company which provides fascinating advantages over traditional manufacturing possibilities